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Wine Opener Gift Set

  • All products are made of 304 stainless steel and approved for food grade materials. Combined with world class technology, we guarantee every product to be safe, durable, and of excellent craftsmanship
  • Opener removes the cork in 6 seconds with no resistance. Open up to 60 bottles per single charge; powered by a safe and durable lithium battery
  • Elegant aerator can instantly vacuum the wine to rich aromas and subtle flavors. With its superb vacuum & durability, the sealer will keep wine tasting fresh for up to 7 days.
  • Mini stoppers with date reminder allow bottles to be put in a refrigerator or wine cooler.
  • This all-in-one classic wine gift set contains everything a wine lover needs to elegantly open, pour, aerate, preserve & enjoy his/her favorite wine. With a charging base designed for easily organizing all gadgets, this set is a perfect gift for any occasion.


Make opening and storing wine a fun and enjoyable experience with the Cheer Wine Opening Set. Easily uncork your wine bottles with this electric, stainless steel wine opener. Then, reseal them to avoid premature oxidation using the wine preserver. The set includes 2 stoppers to use when resealing your bottles. Not only do these keep wine fresh, but you can also use the date rings to indicate when the bottle was opened. All accessories can be stored in the space-saving charging base. When the unit is charging, a bright blue LED light will illuminate, bringing elegance and style to your kitchen or other space. To Use Vacuum Pump and Stoppers: 1. Firmly insert a stopper into the bottle. 2. Place the pump over the stopper and lift handle up and down to extract air (you need to pump for about 15 times for a half bottle of wine.) 3. Turn the dial to mark the date of sealing. Store the bottle in the refrigerator to maintain the seal. Champagne Stopper 1. Switch top of the champagne stopper off. 2. Insert the champagne stopper into the bottle neck 3. Switch the top back. Material: Electric Wine Opener-Stainless steel, PC Foil cutter-Stainless steel Wine Aerator Pourer-PMMA, Stainless steel Vacuum Pump With 2 Stoppers-Stainless steel, silica gel Contents: 1 Electric Wine Opener 1 Foil cutter 1 Wine Aerator Pourer

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